If you owned a cat before, you would know that cats are nearly impossible to train. However, what if you can train a cat to do one thing?

What if that one thing is amazing or even awesome? Luckily, a few people decided to build a rocket and train a cat to launch it.

If these guys could do it, they would definitely send a cat to space. Fortunately, they just added a cat figure on their rocket ship.

Since the cat is going to launch the rocket, it’s just appropriate to put a cat symbol somewhere on the rocket ship.

Here is the adorable cat that is going to launch the rocket ship. Now, these creatures like to do cat things and they look random for people to understand.

We can already guess that the toughest part is training the cat to press the button. Unfortunately for the trainer, the cat doesn’t feel like cooperating.

Although you can bribe the cat with food, we’re certain it needs something else to motivate it.

After several tries, the trainer decided to take out a toy for the cat. Naturally, the cat couldn’t even resist the urge to play with it.

After several attempts, the cat finally managed to hit the red button. We hope that the trainer can influence the cat to repeat the action upon command.

Moving on to launch day, the people are so excited to get the cat to launch the rocket. We can see that everyone worked hard to set everything up.

However, it would seem that the cat doesn’t plan on cooperating. Will these guys ever get the fluffy cat to launch the rocket?

We don’t want to say anything because we want you to watch it yourself. You can see the full video below: