Video: Amazing Meat Dish with No Grease But Tons of Fats

We tried all kinds of meat right? Well, have you ever seen meat that is cooked with fat yet it isn't greasy?

You can find all sorts of cooking techniques but this is actually very surprising and we wish we knew the secret.

It takes years of practice to learn several useful tricks in the kitchen.

If you have a good cooking teacher, you could learn tricks faster.

However, recipes that are taught and handed down are equally amazing.

It might not be the usual cooking techniques that you see in culinary classes but they are quite amazing.

Every good dish starts with the proper use of spices.

We just can't imagine food without the basic salt and pepper.

As you can see, they added a lot of spices other than salt and pepper.

Of course, you need to thoroughly mix the spices in order to get a good seasoning.

After mixing the seasoning, it is slowly applied to the pork.

We can clearly see the seasoning thoroughly mixed together with the pork.

We're going to assume that it is going to be marinated for quite a while.

Since the area seems to be in the countryside, there doesn't seem to be any convenient refrigerators.

The cook or chef is most likely going to use a traditional way of marinating the meat while making sure it doesn't spoil.

If you think about it, there's some history, culture and tradition in the cooking process which is really fascinating.

It would seem that the fats play a huge role in the cooking process.

Although we usually throw away the fats, we do admit that the fats have several uses in cooking.

We're not really cooking experts but we guess that the fats are used to enhance the flavor of the meat.

Of course, it is also possible the fats as a replacement for oil which is also possible.

If you're wondering what those white things are, these white pigments are actually fats that have been hardened.

We did mention that fats have several uses and this is probably one of them.

The fats are used as natural preservatives. After all, they have to somehow make sure that the meat doesn't decompose as it marinates.

These traditional recipes and techniques are amazing. We can really learn a lot just by watching the cooking process.

if you're interested in the video, you can watch the whole thing below:



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