Today, it’s normal for us to see people collect figurines from their favorite shows, movies, comics and games. However, these figurines can be incredibly expensive especially if you own a huge collection.
It’s a very expensive hobby and you could easily burn a hole in your wallet. You could make the figurine yourself, but you might need a lot of practice and time on your hands.
Just take a look at this figure maker, he made a realistic and detailed figurine of the terminator.

As you guys can see, he has to make a 3D design of the terminator from scratch. We can see that the figure maker has experience in 3D design which is cool.
Luckily, 3D printing is becoming more accessible and you can easily create anything with 3D printing technology.
We’re also fairly certain that the figure maker owns a 3D printer since he’s been doing this for quite some time.

Once the 3D model is printed, there’s more work to be done for the figure maker and it’s a lot of work.
We already knew that it isn’t easy to make a well-made sculpture, but this is more than what we expected.
Of course, you could be satisfied with a poorly printed 3D printed model, but that wouldn’t catch the eye of people.
As for the figure maker, he’s definitely using all of his skills to make the best detailed figure ever.

Amazing! The sculpture looks more detailed and fleshed out compared to before. We really can’t imagine how much paint and skill were used to make such a good sculpture.
Of course, the sculpture still needs a few more finishing touches and a lot more paint is required. If only we were skilled enough to make sculptures and figurines, we would probably end up building a collection.
Now we know why hand made figurines are so expensive. We are definitely tempted to try making those figurines ourselves, but it’s probably not as good as the things made by this guy.
In the end, we will probably just use our money to buy those figurines ourselves.

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