Video: Watch Glass Crack In Slow Motion

Whenever glass breaks, it looks like it shatters instantly right? You might even think that it just shatters really fast and your eyes can't keep up with it.

Luckily, the Slow Mo Guys has got you covered. These guys performed an experiment just to quench their curiosity and the curiosity of the internet.

These two guys are Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy who are also known as the Slow Mo Guys. They've been recording videos in slow motion and uploading them to Youtube for quite some time.

If you haven't noticed, Dan is actually holding a piece of glass. Don't worry, we didn't even notice the glass at the beginning of the video if that helps.

As you can see, Dan and Gav are very excited to perform their little experiment. We just hope that no one gets hurt when they shatter that glass.

Now, glass shatters really fast and it's impossible for our eyes to keep up. If you bring a regular camera, it probably wouldn't keep up.

Thanks to modern technology, the Slow Mo Guys are actually using a high speed camera to record the entire thing.

As you guys can see, they painted some parts of the glass so that they can record the speed of the shattering.

Wow, the glass shattered instantly! Did you see how fast that went?

Luckily, the camera recorded everything and we can play the whole thing slowly.

After the experiment, we get to see the huge mess they made because of the glass.

Yikes! It's gonna take a while for them to clean that up. At least, they found a cool looking glass shard.

If you want to learn more about the video, you can watch the whole thing below:



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