Video: Watch Jack Black Play Pinball Machines

Jack Black is an American Actor, Singer, Songwriter and Comedian. We are quite familiar with his movies like School of Rock, Goosebumps, Kung Fu Panda and more.

We always expected Jack Black to eventually make a Youtube channel but we never expected it to be a gaming channel.

Under the name Jablinksi, we can see how fast his channel has grown in a matter of days.

We even thought that Jack Black's first video was a one time thing but we were dead wrong here.

If you check the Jablinksi channel, you will find that this recent video is actually the 3rd video.

Jack Black's first two videos were quite short but this latest one is three minutes long.

Right now, we're still not quite sure if Jablinski is actually a serious gaming channel but it is interesting to see them going to a Pinball Museum.

The Museum is in Las Vegas and Jack Black decided to show the world how to play games old school style.

Jack Black is having a good time as he continues to play those Pinball machines.

Of course, you can sell all sorts of pinball machines and they range from the earliest prototype up to the newer ones.

We're quite convinced that Jack Black is quite skilled at playing Pinball. He might have spent most of his time playing these machines.

Honestly, it's fun playing these things while watching a little piece of history. If you're into pinball machines and its history, then this is a fun place to be.

If you love the soundtrack of Shrek, then Jack Black has got you covered.

He decides to do a few songs from the movie when he saw the Shrek pinball machine.

It's just an awesome moment and this will just make your day.

Jablinski uploads new videos every Friday and we hope to see more of Jack Black.

We just hope that the Jablinski channel grows to be very popular or trending like Pewdiepie or Ninja.

If you want to see the full video, you can watch it below:



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