Video: A Song Remix of Doc Brown From Back to The Future

We're huge fans of Doctor brown and Back to the Future.

If you're not familiar with Back to the Future, it's actually a time traveling movie that stars Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

Honestly, we were skeptical when we found this video since we couldn't imagine a remix of Doc Brown.

After we watched it, we felt amazed and awed at how well this was made.

It is quite a creative work and we really enjoyed it a lot.

The Youtuber, Yuri, starts by adjusting his remix machine so that he can create a good song.

We're not really experts on remix machines and stuff, but we can tell you what the machine does.

The machine can record sounds and put together pieces of sounds so that you can make music.

It's a handy tool for sure and there are phone apps out there that can do the same thing.

However, those phone apps are probably limited when it comes to features.

It is still fun to see Yuri take his time in tweaking the remix machine.

Since the remix machine can record sounds, Yuri definitely needs to make use of a guitar right?

From what we can tell, the machine already has drum sounds built into it so a guitar definitely works for a song.

During this part of the process, we're very excited and eager to listen to the song with Doc Brown in it.

All we can imagine was a disco themed beat or maybe something more jazzy.

Oh boy! It really piqued our curiosity and we just wanted the video to immediately play the remix.

Oh! Now that we think about it, it does look like a piano or a keyboard.

For this last part, Yuri should be arranging all the sounds to form the song.

The video does contain the full song but it is nice to watch how it is made from scratch.

We loved this video and we hope that Yuri Wong will do another Back to the Future remix.

We're hoping that he does a remix of Marty Mcfly or Biff Tannen one day.

It would definitely be fun to watch and listen to and we would definitely enjoy it.

If you guys are interested in the video, you can check it out below:




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