We’ve watched Spongbob SquarePants before, since it is a popular cartoon from Nickelodeon.

If you’re not familiar with the cartoon, it is actually about the life of sponge in the ocean.

It may not seem exciting but it has its charms especially toward the younger audience.

Of course, Spongebob’s character and voice can be very annoying for many people.

Like other shows, you can choose not to like the main character but you can love the rest of the cast.

We never ever imagine that someone would actually make an anime version of Spongebob and it is actually pretty good.

We love anime and even the Japanese songs that you see during the opening intro.

If you love anime and watched Spongebob before, then prepare to be amazed at what you’re about to see.

It will actually blow your mind away and you might even appreciate the animation.

The video is designed to be similar to an anime opening intro, so you can see a lot of things on screen.

Of course, an anime opening wouldn’t be complete if there isn’t any Japanese music to it.

We actually expected them to use existing Japanese songs for the video but that would probably get the video reported.

Luckily enough, they were able to find someone to sing for them and they used that original song instead which is pretty cool.

As you can see, Spongebob is still employee of the month at the Krusty Krab and Squidward has to deal with Spongebob everyday.

We feel bad for Squidward since he has to deal with Spongebob everyday from work and even at home.

We get to see some of Spongebob’s friends such as Sandy Cheeks who is actually a squirrel from the land.

Like the cartoon, Sandy is a land critter and she shouldn’t live under the ocean but she’s doing it for science.

It is cool that we get to see Sandy fighting into battle but we don’t recall her having only one arm.

Since they decided to turn Spongebob into an anime, they had to emphasize a lot on Sandy Cheeks’ woman parts.

In the cartoon, they didn’t really emphasize it as much but they did a good job telling us that she was a girl.

In any case, it is more of the artist’s decision and creativity at this point so we shouldn’t judge so much.

We never expected a Spongebob anime to be full of action scenes and sequences.

In fact, we couldn’t really imagine an action focused Spongebob cartoon.

In this scenes, we get to see Spongebob fighting against a doodle version of himself.

It took a long time for us to recognize this villain from the original cartoon.

Heck, we couldn’t even remember properly the name of this villain but we do remember watching an episode of it.

it is nice to see that Spongebob is using his spatula as a weapon since he is a cook at the Krusty Krab.

In any case, this is a little nice animation that you guys should definitely watch even if you aren’t a Spongebob fan.

You can watch the full video through the link down below: