Video: Watch The Teaser of the New Cooking Master Boy Anime

We've all had that one cartoon or anime that we remember fondly during our childhood.

For us, it was an anime called Cooking Master Boy and it was amazing during its time.

If you're not familiar with the series, it's basically an anime about cooking during the ancient period in China.

Cooking Master Boy had a lot of exaggerated scenes when it came to presenting food and it was a blast.

If you watched other cooking anime such as Food Wars or Toriko, then you might enjoy Cooking Master Boy.

Anyways, the original anime ended with a total of 52 episodes and they're planning on making a sequel.

We finally get a glimpse at the sequel and the animation looks pretty good so far.

The main character, Liu Mao Hsing, is a young boy who grew up watching his mother cook in the kitchen.

Mao's family owned a restaurant and he mostly spent his time inside the kitchen.

You could say that Mao's mother was a huge influence on his interest in cooking.

In the teaser, we get a peak at the animation quality and how the new anime is completely re-imagined.

It totally looks different but in a good way. It also gave us some hype and excitement over the upcoming anime.

Finally, we get a chance to see the face of Mao and it even looks like he hasn't aged one bit.

We can expect the anime to continue where the original anime left off.

It would be disappointing if the new anime started many years after the original anime.

After all, there would be many things that would be left unexplained and definitely many things that we wanted to see.

It definitely looks better than before and we just can't wait to watch it as soon as possible.

We did mention that the anime was about cooking during ancient China, so you guys should definitely expect that.

We just wished that we could have seen the exaggerated presentation of the dish since that's how the anime was known for.

Luckily, we can see that Mao is still skilled at using a knife and it's pretty cool to see it in action.

We later get to see the teaser introduce the characters in the anime and there is no English subtitles, sadly.

However, we are still hyped up about the anime and we are just pumped and excited to watch it as soon as possible.

If you guys want to check out the teaser, you can watch it through the link below:



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