Video: Watch This Wild Cat Hunt

When we think of cats in the wild, we would often imagine large cats such as lions, tigers and cheetahs. Luckily, mother nature offers wild cats in all shapes and sizes . We invite you to look at this fierce cat that lives in the wild. It may look like an ordinary household cat but we assure you that it's just as wild as the other felines in the wilderness.

Meet our feline predator in its natural habitat. If you judge it by its looks, then you should think twice since this is a very deadly cat. It's already night time and we think that's it's high time for the feline to look for food.

Our cat friend seems to have its eye on this bird. If you're the squeamish type of person, then you might not like what it's gonna do to the poor little bird.

Ultimately, our feline friend manages to hunt down its prey and take it for its meal. Although it is trying its best to look menacing and deadly, we still find this little one to be very adorable.

Unfortunately, we wouldn't want to recommend keeping this cat as a pet since they are meant to live in the wilderness. If you have neighbors with pet birds, then there's more reason to avoid having this cat as a pet.

You can watch the full video below:




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