Video: Watch What Tokyo Looked Like 100 Years Ago in Color

We've seen video footages of the world in black and white and we've been wondering what it would look like if it was colored.
Luckily, the world has developed technology that allows us to improve the quality of these old videos.
With the help of AI and machine learning,  old videos in black and white can actually be restored and colorized into something watchable.
In this video, someone decided to restore some old footages of Tokyo during the early 1900's.

A hundred years is definitely is a long time for anyone to remember what the world looked like during its early days.
While there are video footages of the world during the early 1900's, a lot of those videos don't really have good picture quality.
It's only natural for these old videos not to look clean or clear since the video camera was still quite new at the time.

We can see that Tokyo really didn't have much large buildings back then and the people are mostly wearing traditional Japanese outfits.
It's quite clear that Tokyo back then didn't have much western influence compared to its modern day version.
If we didn't see this video for ourselves, we probably wouldn't believe that this was Tokyo 100 years ago.
In fact, we would have thought that this was Tokyo during the 1800's.


It's amazing that such an old video could look stunning if you add some color into it.
Of course, a lot of more cleanup work was probably done to make the video clearer but it's still impressive.
If Tokyo looked like this a hundred years ago, we're just curious what the rest of the world looked like back then.
We hope that we get to see more of these types of videos since this is definitely a blast from the past.



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