We’ve watched many amazing cartoons and animations from Pixar.

We have a soft spot for their animation ever since we started watching Toy Story.

If you are a huge fan like us, you would be glad to know that they release some short films.

Although it might not be a high budget film, these short films still have the Pixar charm to them.

One particular film got our attention and it is incredibly touching.

The short animation is titled Kitbull. The film talks about the friendship between a stray kitten and lovable pit bull.

Of course, we all know that cats and dogs don’t really get along very well.

Even if cats and dogs do get along, it would actually be a very rare occasion .

In any case, we can see that the cat is very cautious around the large pit bull.

We can’t blame the kitten since it has been living on its own as a stray.

The pit bull clearly looks shocked or curious since it hasn’t seen cats before.

After a series of events, the pit bull gets injured and the kitten seems afraid of it.

We feel for you little kitty since the dog looks even scarier with those wounds.

However, it does make us question why the pit bull has those injuries.

Is the owner even taking good care of his pit bull?

From what we can guess, we think the poor little pit bull is getting into dog fights.

The owner must be forcing the pit bull to fight over other dogs for whatever reason.

It’s such a heart wrenching story and it really makes you feel sorry for the pit bull.

After bonding together with the kitten, the Pit bull feels a lot better.

In fact, the two even decides to run away together.

It really gives you the feels but it doesn’t end there.

The kitten and pit bull eventually encounter a new human.

It would seem the human has taken great interest over the two.

We’re also guessing that the human eventually decided to adopt the two pets.

In the end, the kitten and pit bull remained together as good friends.

It’s a lovely animation that can really put a smile in your face.

We recommend that you watch the whole video as soon as possible.

You can watch the entire thing below: