Video: Xbox Series X New Advertisement

It's almost Christmas and you're probably going to be looking for presents to give to your loved ones.

If your family members are into gaming, you might want to buy them a next generation console like the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X.

If you can't decide which one to buy, Microsoft's new advertisement might be enough to convince you to buy an Xbox Series X.

In the video, we see MoonLiteWolf playing a game on the Xbox Series X. After a session or two with the new console, she voluntarily goes to sleep while scientists are constantly monitoring her brain waves.

It's very strange to see this type of thing and people would probably think that this was a plot for a movie. However, it isn't a movie plot and there are definitely people who are interested in learning about dream activities.

It's definitely interesting to see how our dreams are affected based on what we play and we're sure to have good dreams after a good gaming session.

As soon as MoonLiteWolf woke up, she shares her dreams to everyone and it seems like she had the best sleep ever.

In fact, it seems like her dreams are something that you would see in a fantasy novel or movie.

Of course, MoonLiteWolf saved one last dream for last and this is probably an awesome dream to have.

MoonLiteWolf dreamt of the Master Chief who is the main character of the Halo series.

While we all know that the Master Chief is a combat veteran, we never expected him to be a DJ when he isn't busy fighting aliens.

It's even crazier when the Master Chief removes his helmet and it's revealed to the world that he is a cat.

Woah! It's definitely a crazy but awesome dream to have and we would definitely give you a thumbs up for sharing that to us.

The Xbox Series X is already out in stores all over the world.

For the full video, you can click on the link below:



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