Video: Youtuber Gives A Lot of Things to the Homeless

When it's the holidays, most of us are always feeling generous and that does not exclude this Youtuber. MrBeast is a Youtuber known for giving away a lot of money. Majority of his videos shows him giving away thousands of dollars to strangers.

If you're thinking that MrBeast is rich, then you should think again. In fact, the money from his sponsors are actually being used as donation.

Of course, there are some instances where he used his own money to donate instead.

In the beginning, MrBeast decides to call three homeless shelters in order to inquire about their needs.

Operating a homeless shelter for charity usually costs money and these shelters need a lot of help from people.

Hopefully, MrBeast can buy all the basic needs of these shelters.

MrBeast certainly went on a shopping spree. It wouldn't even be a surprise if he bought out the entire store.

Well, he is buying supplies for the homeless and they need a lot of things.

We're quite sure that MrBeast is going to need a cargo van to transport these things.

After delivering the stuff to the homeless shelter, MrBeast decides to add a surprise check.

Oh boy! The administrators running the homeless shelter are not only happy but also very grateful for the help.

Did we mention that MrBeast did this to 3 shelters? It's a lot of money but many people do appreciate his help.

Doesn't these acts of kindness just give you a good feeling? You can watch the full video below:





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