Video: Youtuber Plays A Hello Kitty Guitar For Strangers

We've seen Youtubers do all kinds of things on youtuber and they often involve tricking people into believing something.
TheDooo, a Youtuber, is tricking people online by making them believe that he is a beginner guitar player.
Of course, the video wouldn't be complete if he didn't bring out a Hello Kitty electric guitar.
It's definitely going to be a funny video with a lot of reactions from different people.

For TheDooo's first spectator, he tried his best to convince her that he was a complete beginner and all he had to do was play poorly.
We can clearly see that the stranger is completely bored at TheDooo's poor guitar skills.
Luckily, she keeps encouraging him to do better and practice some more despite the poor performance earlier.

We're all perfectly convinced that the stranger doesn't know anything about TheDooo and she just thinks of him as a beginner guitarist.
Unfortunately, she got the biggest shock of her life since TheDooo started playing incredibly complicated rock music.
We can clearly see the huge amount of shock and embarrassment that's on her face right now.
It's clear that the stranger feels like a big fool and we can't blame her for feeling that way since we would probably feel the same way.

While there are a ton of strangers that believe TheDooo to be a complete beginner, he still gets several people that end up recognizing him.
In this case, he doesn't try to trick them and just continues to play some song requests from his fans.
Luckily, the fans are enjoying his stellar performance and the Hello Kitty Guitar is just rocking out at every song being played.
Overall, the video is just having a good time with people and you can see how supportive these strangers are during these tough times.

For the full video, you can click on the link below:




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