Video: Youtuber Plays VRChat But Speaks Multiple Languages

The world has many countries and ethnicity that speak different languages.
It's no secret that learning a language or two is difficult for the average person.
In fact, it's even more amazing if you know more than two languages.
Ikenna, a Youtuber, can actually speak several languages and he is going to interact with people in virtual reality.

At the start of the video, Ikenna is speaking in English and he makes a quick introduction of himself.
It doesn't seem obvious that he can speak multiple languages since he's only speaking in English.
However, looks can be very deceiving after all. We were incredibly surprised when he started to speak Russian, French, Mandarin, Japanese and more.
Clearly, Ikenna is incredibly gifted since he could speak multiple languages at a conversational level.

If Ikenna could speak in phrases for a given language, we probably wouldn't be too surprised.
However, the guy could speak Japanese quite fluently and his Russian was quite impressive.
You would probably think Ikenna must have had helped in studying these languages, right?
Nope, he studied all these different languages by himself which is even more amazing.

Right now, we just wish we could speak at least half of the languages that he is using.
Sadly, not everyone can learn several languages in their entire lifetime.
After all, everyone is born different and we all have different gifts.
On the bright side, this video definitely gave us a lot of motivation in trying to learn a new language.
We hope that this video will motivate you guys as well!

For the full video, click on the link below:



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