We all dream about having the perfect home theater setup in our homes.
Many of us would spend tons of money in order to make the best looking entertainment room possible.
Linus, a Youtuber, decided to use his own garage as his personal entertainment room and it isn’t as grand as we imagine it to be.

Since the entertaining room is in the garage, it is only fair that Linus does a little bit of cleaning and improvements.
A little bit of painting and cleaning should make the garage more pleasant. Of course, they could do a big renovation but that would be costly.
While many of us would prefer to renovate the garage, Linus doesn’t seem to agree since it costs too much.

A brand new coat of pain and some house cleaning aren’t enough to transform the garage into a entertainment room.
What’s missing you ask? Wall decorations like paintings are needed and it definitely makes the garage look better.
With all these stuff inside the garage, there’s definitely not enough room for the cars to fit in.
Well, Linus doesn’t seem to care and he’s perfectly happy to have an entertainment room instead of a garage.

If you thought that the image above is a lovely painting, then we would agree with you.
However, the big painting is actually an 86 inch TV and it’s all sponsored by LG.
It’s a big TV and it’s probably hard to watch if you’re inside a small room.
Lucky for Linus, his garage is quite spacious and watching television or movies shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

We’re quite jealous of Linus since he gets to play with cool new technology but that’s part of his job.
If we were in his shoes, we probably wouldn’t do the same thing as him. We still need a garage after all.

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