Videos: The Most Humane Prison in the World

When we think about prisons, we imagine it to be a terrible place where criminals are punished.

While it is true that prisons are designed to correct people, we often think negatively about these prisoners.

In fact, many countries in the world often treat their prisoners poorly and  they even sometimes abuse them.

However, Norway does things differently and their prisons are often called the most humane prison in the world.

In Halden Prison, the deputy governor greets us with an explanation as to how their prisons were different from that of the United States.

It's clear that the prison isn't as gloomy or morbid compared to the other prisons in the world.
We can even see that there are very few prisoners that are being kept inside the prison.

Later on, we see an inmate giving a brief tour of the facilities in the prison.
It's already clear that the staff members of the prison have complete trust in the inmates.

As we can see here, the inmates can wear anything that they feel comfortable and they have a lot of access to different facilities inside the prison.


The inmates have their own private cells and the cells have their own bathroom, closet, and TV.
In other prison around the world, a lot of these inmates often share their cells with 4 or 5 people if not more.
In fact, you probably wouldn't find a private shower inside any of these cells.

The cells in Halden Prison are already quite nice and it hardly even looks like any other prison that you can see around the world.

While the prisons in Norway are quite nice, the inmates aren't there on a vacation since the inmates are expected to serve their sentence.

It's definitely a different type of prison, but it's hard to argue that these prisons aren't effective since Norway's crime rate has declined over the years.

It may be time for the world to follow Norway's approach when it comes to prison life.

For the full video, you can click on the link below:



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