When we think about snails, we often think about these slow and harmless looking creatures that you would find somewhere in your garden.
However, there are many snail species in the world and some of them can be rather terrifying if you think about it.
It’s still crazy that these snails are just living around the beaches while we’re too busy playing around.
In any case, we just hope that you guys find these creatures fascinating and do enjoy the narrative of the video.

It’s surf’s up for these snails and they definitely look like birds under water if you ask us.
We always thought that snails were slow moving creatures sinceĀ  that’s how they’re often shown on TV and in the movies.
It’s definitely amazing to see these sea snails move as fast as fish in water.

Luckily, Zefrank1 has such an amazing voice and the information he provides regarding these sea snail subspecies are quite informative.
The baby doll and clay model here are used to illustrate the digestive process of the sea snail.
Well, one of the subspecies since different snails behave different when they try to hunt for food.

It’s definitely terrifying to see these sea snails try to eat other living things, but this sea snail is crazy terrifying.
This snail doesn’t eat other microbes and stuff, but it instead eats fish and other similar wild life.
Sheesh! We definitely don’t want to be the meal for these types of snails. It’s already scary enough to see these snails eat live fish.
We just hope that they don’t grow any larger or we would definitely be in trouble.

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